Do we know enough about our top pick

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Do we know enough about our top pick

I believe this general concept has been posted on a forum before but I thought I'd put my spin on it.

Anthony Davis is the consensus number 1 pick, no questioning or denying that. I'm also not denying he will go number 1 in this years draft. What I'm wondering is whether , as a result of the acceptance of his No.1 status , we will learn anything further about him. I realize number 1 picks aren't those to be taken lightly, but I feel as if the analysis of Davis has lost its depth of late. Seeing as how he got so much exposure through the NCAA tournament , coming through with a victory , I can understand why it may just be assumed that we have seen it all, but I think there is a lot left to see.

My first query is Davis' size. He's listed at 6'10 and 220. I don't query his weight, but I believe he is at least 6'11 or 7 foot now. While that can only assumed to help, its his proportioned weight that worries me. It goes without saying he will put on weight, how much is the question. A lot of people are comparing his build to Garnett as a rookie, using his development physically as reassurance . I just wonder , should Davis keep a similar weight regardless of his efforts to gain as to whether he will be able to live up to expectations. Without weight gain I don't see him getting in on the boards as effectively.

Secondly, despite his length, I'm not sure how we would go when he's on weak side defense against a large centre, a Howard, Hibbert type. He currently will get outmuscled , but again, that's only currently.

My final point is, will we know more about all the other prospects than we will about Davis? In order to justify every pick after him there has to be a lot more in depth analysis.

Anyway, I expect a few negs, but please leave comments to why you disagree too, just for some feedback for me,


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