Disillusioned Knick Fans (Knicks82)

Knicks82 posted a comment earlier saying that Turner was a geek and they should of drafted somebody wit balls like Rautins of Fields...So he basically said he would of drafted Fields and Rautins over Turner because of their genitals...If that's the case the Knicks got a steal in the 2nd round...Knick fans agree with this?

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I'm gonna count the amount of

I'm gonna count the amount of Knick fans that read this thread by how many negatives I end up with...

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knicks should all just give

knicks should all just give up on life

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There are so many factors

There are so many factors tugging the importance of what happened on Tuesday in either direction. Yes, Love, Roy and Kirilenko combined for 56 points. But it was against an inferior opponent, hardly an NBA-caliber squad. (Scale tips in one direction.) But Maccabi Bazan Haifa nearly beat Golden State last week. (Scale tips a bit back in the other.) And this was the first time the first-team offense seemed to hit a rhythm. (Tips a bit further.)

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