Dirk Nowitzki Free Agent??

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Dirk Nowitzki Free Agent??

He has a player option for 2011 worth $21.5 million, but some people think he could be looking for that last big contract at age 31. Would he opt out? And if so where would he go? Would he be a top 5 free agent? Top 3?

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I think he will opt out then

I think he will opt out then re-sign with the Mavericks. Him and Mark Cuban have been meeting apparently and discussing the teams future and I think they both want the best for the Mavericks.

Although I would like to see Nowitzki go to Phoenix and team back up with Nash (If Amare leaves) that'd be pretty fun to watch.

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Great Point

This is a player who everyone is sleeping on for the 2010 offseason. I can't wait to see how his situation turns out.

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He isnt turning down 21 mil case closed. The b.s. about him maybe going to another team to be a #2 man wont happen. Guys take paycuts but not a 10 mil paycuts

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