Dionte Christmas Or Jodie Meeks

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Dionte Christmas Or Jodie Meeks

Who Would You Rather Have on Your Team.......I thought Dionte Christmas Was Better But This Guy Didn't even Get Drafted So Gms Think Differently....So I was Thinking Who Would You rather Have on Your Team "If" You were Missing A Scorer....Lets Make This the First Good Post, Because i See this Fatandugly kid Is Causing total havoc to this site , so lets go back to the old posts, were we stated our points and learned things from others

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dionte christmas

jodie meeks is under sized and can only shoot dionte can drive

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jodie meeks

But I did'nt really see a whole lot of either player. But I was'nt very impressed by Christmas when I did see him.

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Jodie Meeks

He already shoots a great %. 40% on three pointers in college and I can tell you first hand that ALOT of those were with defenders in his face or the shot clock running down or both. 90% at the free throw line compared to Dionte's 75%. Jodie was in great shape too, he was running off screens all day at UK. He is also stronger than Christmas based on the draft measurements.

I think Jodie's game is still growing. He should be in the league for 10-12 years and be a solid role player at worse. But its all about opportunity and being with the right team.

Also, BasketballGuru are you aware that you start every word with a capital letter when you type? I find it a bit annoying, but if that's how you like to type then that's cool.

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I agree

I think Meeks is more impressive than Christmas. Yes, like the guy above said, Meeks is a better athlete, shooter, and he did produce numbers against alot better teams and athletes. People say Meeks can only shoot, but I guarantee he will be a factor driving to the hoop in spurts. I think he will be a decent scorer.

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got drafted for a reason. Christmas will prob catch onto a team after summer league

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Meeks has a better

Meeks has a better basketball pedigree, but i think Christmas is better.

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Meeks has a slightly better

Meeks has a slightly better shot, even though Christmas's is still very good. Both are pretty unathletic. Similar players. I would take Christmas because he is very long and will be a much better defender. Meeks will be a horrendous defender in the NBA if he has to cover 2s.

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i like meeks better than christmas. christmas has game but i think meeks can improve his game more and has more potential than christmas. when i saw christmas play he was a dead eye shooter but he didnt really get to the basket when he wanted to. i thinks meeks does both pretty well even tho he settled 4 jump shots most of the year.

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