What do you guys think we should do with Diogu? I think we should resign him. He showed what he is capable of when Hawes was injured at the end of the year. He has never been given a real chance to play consistent minutes. The last 2 games I think he went for 28 and 30. I like Jason, but I don't recall him scoring like that all season. Diogu would be a cheap sign and if he continues to develop we are set for years to come at the pf position. If he continues to play as he did at the end of the year, we have an all star, but we should really resign him.

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let him walk

dont be fooled by the numbers. if u want to make him the go to guy then bring him back. in those last 2 games he took 20 shots against denver and 17 against minnesota. JT didnt take 17 shots in a game ONCE this season, his season high was 15 and that was one time. Diogu also played 40 minutes against denver and the most minutes against minnesota and took the most shots in those games. JT only played 40minutes 4 times all year and once was that game in denver. dont be fooled by ike. hes a solid guy, but undersized for a pf-c at only 6'8".

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it was just 2 games and he was playing in meaningless games.

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I can't imagine that he

I can't imagine that he would cost very much. 2 million at the most. We still need another big man to rotate with Thompson and Hawes. We only have 7 players signed to contract. I would much rather they bring him back over mccants. Why not take a slight risk on him and see if it pays off? Paul Milsap had a great year and they have basicaly the same build and skills. I just think it would be worth a shot.

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quincy douby

i remember the kings last game of the 07-08 season when they played the fakers in a meaningless game and he went off for 35. look at him now.

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i lik doubt in colloge i

i lik doubt in colloge i dont kno what happened he do good in the summer league to

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It really depends on what they pick up in the draft. They'll obviously add a PG, but if they bring in a couple of bigs to go with, Ike isn't really needed. If they don't, he would be cheap, so if no one else out there excites them, I say go for it.

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He played Against Back ups

We should re sign him. We know he will be a back up and the last two games he played baically against backups and destroyed them. He is a solid backup to JT. He will be chaep. and last usually takes 3-4 years for power foward/centers to blossem and peak. I think he showed a little of that last year.

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Sign him

We should just sign him to a minimum level contract at most he make 1.5 million for two years it can't hurt us, he will do fine playing against back ups. Plus he has show us that he can have a big game, im not saying make him a starter but if he goes off one game all year an helps us win it then thats fine.

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I think we should resign him

I think we should resign him before McCants or resign McCants and give him Garcia's minutes because he can fill it up a lot better. Give McCants starters minutes or get him outta here

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na demaruc cousins!

na demaruc cousins!

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