Dimitrios Katsivelis And Vasileios Kavvadas Should Be Drafted

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Dimitrios Katsivelis And Vasileios Kavvadas Should Be Drafted

Vasileios Kavvadas

Position: PF/C

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 265

Dimitrios Katsivelis

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6'6"

Wingspan: 6'8"

Weight: 200

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nice new name but can you

nice new name but can you please stop.
Coming from another Greek, you're just embbarashing.
If Greeks were made for the NBA then why do Greek Americans look into going to Greece to play ball after College.
If everything you say is true then why did American born Michael Bramos, born in Michigan, went and played ball at Miami U (OH) and then after a few years found himself on Panathinaikos, one of two of Greece's powerhouse teams? If he is good enough for them shouldn't the NBA calling? NO. He even made it to national team, playing with the best Greeks in the world. Can you stop overrating these players and give an unbiased opinion. Euro plays different brand of basketball that works for them. They lack the athletisicm and strength to compete in the NBA for the most part. Greeks play great team ball and have high IQ thus can compete in international levels but for club purposes, a very select few have what it takes to even be considered on an NBA roster.

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I'll tell you what hes gonna

I'll tell you what hes gonna say.

"Because of racism."

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Since this guy is Greek he

Since these guys are Greek they suck

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Isn't it illegal to have multiple accounts?

Should every player with a couple of youtube clips be drafted? Or do you think maybe scouts should look at the whole body of work, athleticism, length, shooting, level of competition, etc. before drafting a player?

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They might have had a chance.

They might have had a chance. It's too bad they're greek though, David Stern will never let them into the nba..

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European Baller, we would be

European Baller, we would be delighted if you could live up to your username and actually provide an as enthusiastic scouting report for European talent not just your overly narrow greek players spectrum. I'm sure you'd find some players that you would consider should belong in the NBA too.

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Eh, since these guys are

Eh, since these guys are Greek, perhaps they should pick up a different sport. Maybe water polo or horseshoe throwing or something like that

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Maybe we should ban

Maybe we should ban Dominican's and Puerta Ricans too since 90% of their national teams are born and raise in New York City. Who knows if they can play or not, none of us have seen them in person.

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