Difference makers

The right choice in the draft can be the diffence maker for many francises they might not have the imediate turn around but there impact is always felt.

Russle Westbrook- the number fur pick in the draft seemed like a strech at the time but turned out to be be one if the top 3 players in the draft. He was the only player on ucla that could keep up with Memphis in the tournament.

Brook lopez- drafted 10 over all in the same draft as Westbrook, lopez has been a top 5 center almost from day one

Derek rose- the bull needed a post presence and mike beasley was a beast. The bulls went with rose and it turned out to not even be close

Tereke Evans- Rick rubio was the sexy pick but tereke won rookie of the year, averaging 20,5,5. Ricky will be a rookie in 2011 2012

Brandon Jennings- the number 10 puck who was told not to show at the
draft turned out to have more game than mouth droping 50 in the first
month of the season

Brandon roy- drafted 6 over all let's give the names barnyani,aldridge,Morrison,Thomas,Sheldon williams

steph curry- the sharp shooter pg is the reason golden st. is looking at trading 20+ ppg scorer monta Ellis

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proofread this mess

proofread this mess

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Stop cryin u can understand

Stop cryin u can understand what I'm sayin

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