diante Garett

I was looking into the the Big 12 and I took a look at Iowa State and I saw Diante Garrett and took a look at his stats he averages 17.8 ppg 3.8 rpg 5.0 apg and 1.9 steals a game. Although his team is terrible I think he deserves to be looked at maybe as 2nd rounder in the 2011 draft. His points are up 8ppg from last year. What does everyone think?

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True Story

Well put, this is a kid who is going to be the diamond in the rough of the draft with tremendous upside if a club/team takes advantage of the opprtunity of getting a kid who stayed all 4 years and has it in his DNA ( btw he's a good human being) tremendous PG with creativity, fundamentals, educated, attitude, and confidence (silent) Quality Character athlete. Top 10 in the Big 12 for assist leaders! Go Figure

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