Detroit Pistons' future

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Detroit Pistons' future

The run of six straight years to the Eastern Conference Finals ended this year. With Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McDyess, and Allen Iverson all free agents this upcoming off-season, where do the Pistons look to rebuild? They have good pieces like Stuckey and Maxiell, so do team veterans like Prince and Hamilton get moved for a whole new look? Who should stay and who should go?

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Who Leaves: The people leaving this year are Allen Iverson, I'm sad to say this but Rasheed, trade either Rip Or Tay.
Who Stays: Mcdyess, Stuckey, Max, and the whole other team.

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Get rid of them all....

Let Sheed and AI go. Involve Rip and Tay in a trade for Bosh...whatever it takes get him. Draft Lawson or Maynor with 15. Go after Cunningham, Pendergraph, and Douglass in 2nd. other options are Heyvfelt, McNeal, Adrien, Lyons. Go young build around Bosh and Stuck. Lineup.....
PG- Lawson or Maynor
SG- Stuck
SF- Cunningham
PF- Bosh
C- Kwame
Bench- Bynum, Afflalo, Douglass or McNeal, Dyess, Pendergraph or Adrien

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I love the Pistons but I

I love the Pistons but I think it's time to start from scratch. I think going young will be their best bet. I don't think any quick fix like even Bosh will win them another championship, it's time to start over. They had their run and it was a great run. I love Iverson, Sheed, and Antonio, but personally I think I'd let 'em all go and get some decent young talent in the draft and free agency.

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