Detroit Pistons 15th Pick

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Detroit Pistons 15th Pick

If they don’t trade the 15th pick first, who should they take/who are they likely to take. Who could reasonably fall to 15?

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Budinger or henderson

Bundinger or Henderson

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15th and Hamilton to

15th and Hamilton to Sacramento for 23rd pick, 31st pick and Hawes
23rd pick, 2nd round pick, Maxiell and Bynum To Milwaukee for 10th pick


10th pick- Earl Clark
31st pick- Austin Daye
35th pick- Dionte Christmas
39th pick- traded to Milwaukee

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Pistons draft

In order of priority
1. James Johnson
2. Jeff Teague
3. Johnny Flynn
4. Eric Maynor
5. Chase Budinger
6. BJ Mullens

I think there's a shot Jrue Holliday and Brandon Jennings will be around; Dumars could pick one of those guys too.

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Austin Daye or B.J. Mullens

They will need some size with Rasheed Wallace set to leave.

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Dumars should have the following five guys at the top of his draft board:

1.James Johnson
2.Earl Clark
3.Chase Budinger
4.Jeff Teague
5.Eric Maynor

Don't go for the potential in Mullens and Daye, two players nowhere near ready this year OR next year.

With Johnson and Clark, they address the frontcourt issues they have. Plus, they both bring the versatility Detroit needs, being able to play the 3 or 4. Budinger can play the 2 or 3, bring much needed atheleticism to the perimeter, and add more shooting to the offense. Teague and Maynor would bring a true point guard to the offense, as Rodney Stuckey is a combo guard.

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If they Are looking to

If they Are looking to totally looking to rebuild their team i think detroit should draft James Johnson or Earl Clark. In order to do this theyd have 2 get rid of tayshaun. If tays gone they might as well get rid of rip also. Maybe they wouldnt get equal value but maybe they could get some cap space or maybe package them for quality young guys. Detroit really needs a good big man but i dont seem them fixing their problems with the draft or free agency this summer

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i heard rumors of a Tyshaun

i heard rumors of a Tyshaun Prince-Tyson Chandler deal...

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They definately should go

They definately should go after some size because kwame brown is not gonna cut it

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