detroit mid level exception

does detroit still have there mid level exception and if stii do who do you think they should go for someone to trade or like david lee

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They need a point guard

Lee is a real good pick up I like him, but they need a point. I just don't believe in Stuckey he did not look good last year. He struggles at the point, it is not instinctive for him.

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They have signed far too many people too far too much money. David Lee will not take the mid-level, and I am guessing their best option would be to split it on a couple serviceable players. They are not a bad team, but the contracts they gave Ben Gordon while still having Rip signed through 2012-13 makes you wonder. I know their are trade rumors for Boozer, and my idea with Bosh which seems to be my delision of G(M)randeur but they have strange things going on with money. The only back-up in the league worth that kind of money to me is Manu Ginobili, who is just a pure baller and winner who can do everything well. Gordon is a great shooter, but he is not much of a defender and is extremely streaky. I like him a lot, but if they are planning to bring him off the bench a la Chicago, I think it is a bad idea. Unless you are willing to go for the luxury tax, teams just can not be signing players for 11 milli and than using the mid-level (not to mention what they payed Charlie V, who I like as well and think was obtained at a more reasonable price). Stuckey is the building block, but this team is still very much under construction and should remain a lower level play-off team, which I am sure will disappoint people after the 6 straight conference final appearances.

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i think

detroit should get birdman and ramon sessions with MLE

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