Deshaun Thomas > McDermott

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Deshaun Thomas > McDermott

There is no reason to be higher on McDermott than Deshaun Thomas!!!

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I actually think he is less

I actually think he is less athletic than McDermott and much more streaky

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idk but all i know is that

idk but all i know is that thomas is very underated, didnt he break the indiana state hs scoring record? hes the man and i hope he has a great career in the nba

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McDermott has a beautifully

McDermott has a beautifully smooth, controlled, consistent game and can score from anywhere, he would fit in really well wherever he ends up. Deshaun Thomas' game is much more stylish and explosive... In my opinion they will both have trouble scoring down low in the NBA, and will have to transition to play more as a SF, but I don't see why this would be a problem for either of them.. I'd say it's almost a toss up, but McDermott's shooting stroke is so consistent from NBA range that it gives him the edge for now...

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Please remember that Doug's

Please remember that Doug's numbers are inflate due to the inferior competition night in, night out and his dad is also the coach so he has more set play for him; while Thomas is not the only legit offensive weapon on his team

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thats false. McDermott hardly

thats false. McDermott hardly gets any plays ran for him, what is so impressive about his game is how hard he works for his shots. It seems like you think he is like JJ Redick and just running off screens all day - that hardly happens.

educate yourself -

for the record, both are second rounders in my book. neither of their games translate too well

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Deshaun Thomas has a knack

Deshaun Thomas has a knack for scoring and a game that translates to the NBA easier than McDermott. I remember McDermott struggling some in the tournament last year getting comfortable against athleticism

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why do you guys think Thomas'

why do you guys think Thomas' game will not be effective in the NBA. Good touch around the basket and the ability to score of pick and pop, spot ups or off a screen. Not much of a handler or creator but i feel he can atlest develop some sort of 1/2 dribble pull up/middle game.

I think he'll continue to get better as the year goes on. Only seen Mcdermott once, cant really judge him.

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