Derrick Rose first game back

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Derrick Rose first game back

13 points 3 assists in 20minutes.. I thought he showed a little bit of rust but I'm glad he's back out there on the court... Nice pre-season win...

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3 Ast 4 TO

5 of 12 shooting. Not great, probably not even good by anyone's standards. Teammates not used to his speed yet. I don't expect him to be "back" until just before the AS break. Esp. if one of Deng, Noah, Boozer misses any time early.

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I think the fact he did not spontaneously combust......

Or get hurt again was a pretty good thing. He looked strong, seems to still have some of that explosive ability. It is the pre-season, after all, most people are fairly rusty as far as getting into NBA game shape. So, no, did not put up his NBA MVP season statistics, though I still think it is at the very least an encouraging sign.

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Personally I wouldn't be so

Personally I wouldn't be so harsh about his first game back. In the highlights he looked a little bit rusty sometime and had a few lost plays btu that's fine for me cause the preseason camp will help him there. I'm really glad to see that he wasn't passive or overcareful in any way! He was as aggressive as usual and went hard to the rack. To have faith in his knee will help him coming back to form if his outside shot won't fall within the first few weeks in one game or two.

I'm really happy to see him back!

PS: Tyreke had an ugly ankle roll in his debut and I'm not sure if he is fine, he had to leave the game. Dwight had a solid debut against the Pelicans, Anthony Davis held his own against him and Patrick Beverley had 4 huge consecutive steals in isolation against Jrue in Holidays debut as the Pelicans won by one.

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I was at the game tonight and

I was at the game tonight and saw D. Rose up close. I LOVED what I saw. His body is strong. His legs are strong. He was fast, quick and explosive. He's still able to maneuver and finish layups around the rim with contact.

I was watching him closely and I saw no signs that he was thinking about the knee. He trusted it without thinking. He was decisive. He attempted to change directions at full speed a few times, but either kind of stumbled or fell. It's obviously going to take more time for him to regain that freakish ability. I think as time goes, he'll obviously look to attack even more.

I was impressed though. You can see how hard he's worked. He even dunked off of his left leg in a fast break situation with Lance Stephenson chasing him. That was his "I'm back" moment.

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He said his vert has gone from 37 to 42 since the rehab process started. I was so excited early in the 1st quarter when he drove to the rim, missed the layup, and exploded back up with a quickness to get the rebound in between and above hibbert and west for the put back. Yes, he showed some rust with his passing and balance. He stumbled a few times when trying to blow by people to the rim but he has never pushed it that hard during intense in-game action for a year and a half. For the first preseason game I was ecstatic. He gained 15 lbs, looked stronger, finished with contact, saw no hesitations or doubt, and while obviously and understandably rusty he looked rather explosive. Early in the 3rd he soared about a foot over everyone for a rebound (didn't grab the board but tipped it to keep it alive). I was surprised we didn't see more of the outside shot that he has been working on so hard but he probably wanted to show everyone that he can still attack. Only problem I saw was that Boozer is still on the team and playing lackluster defense.

I am not a big fan of Westbrook and his overall game but he is still an amazing athlete. I don't know much about this second surgery but it still worries me and I hope he can come back like Rose has.

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He looked super fast out

He looked super fast out there. I mean not just NBA PG fast, but even faster than that. Like wow, I'm not sure if I even saw that move it was that fast fast. Sure he missed jumpers, but that can be chalked up to rust from being away for a long time. This was tremendously encouraging.

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His shooting and his passing

His shooting and his passing looked a bit rusty but his athleticism looked to be as good as ever and he still clearly had that explosive burst which is the main thing everyone wanted to see that he retained.

The finer points of his game will be tuned up over preseason and 20 minutes after 18 months out there would be some things lacking but these will come back over the next few weeks and now he has proved to himself he can play again he has got over a key confidence hurdle. The more he plays the better he will get.

Coach Thibs will not over play him preseason I'd guess maybe give him 20 to 25 mpg but get him playing back to back and see how the recovery period goes so they can get him primed for regular season.

Anyway it's great to have D-Rose baack.

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