Derrick Rose......

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Derrick Rose......

Is said to have added 2 more inches 2 his vertical since his rehabilitation....IDK how true this is, but man if he did.......

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lol, yeah right! i dont know

lol, yeah right! i dont know how thats possible.

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It is possible but he won't

It is possible but he won't maintain it.. Rehab is crazy hard and more intense than what people normally do to stay where they are. Once he starts playing and running everyday, he wil probably even out. Also, with an ACL injury, it's not up and down that are hard, it's side to side and changing speeds,

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Local Analyst

Kendall Gill, who does pre and post game Bulls shows claims Rose also has bulked up his upper body and said he looked to be in the best physical shape he has seen him in as a Bull. Gill was gushing about Rose and how he looked on the court right now. Not sure if this is hype or not, but Gill tends to tell it like it is. Gill also thought the Bulls would bring Rose back while the Bulls are on the road to ease him into the rotation rather than have him open up at home with crazy expectations. He will be back after the all star break, but there will be keeping a very close eye on his minutes, which Thibs like to ignore. Curious to see how the Bulls respond to Rose's return in a not so strong eastern conference.

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He has bulked up. He looked

He has bulked up. He looked very top heavy during the middle of his recovery so hopefully he's been able to balance that out as he's been able to work out his legs more.

Whether he improved his vertical or not I don't really care. That's the last thing I'd look to see improvement in for a PG. I'm more interested to see if he retained or improved his ability to cut and change directions. That's the concern with ACL injuries, regaining lateral quickness and ability to change direction. That (as well as the speed in recovery) is what made Adrian Peterson's recovery so amazing. AD seemingly retained 100% of his ability to cut and change directions.

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Perfect post. I could care

Perfect post. I could care less how high he jumps. I want to see how he cuts and changes directions. I want to see if he still had that unique type of ability that made him special. That's always why I put D. Rose above a guy like Russell Westbrook as an athlete because of his ability to cut, pivot and change directions on the drop of a dime.

It's not hard to believe that he'd increase his vertical though. I mean, once the ligament got strong, he put in a lot of lower body work. I bet his calfs, quads, hamstrings and core are as strong as ever.

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even MORE athletic Derrick

even MORE athletic Derrick Rose? would be = my new favourite player

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Adrian Peterson looked better

Adrian Peterson looked better than ever after the same injury so why can't DRose...they are both freaks of nature.

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