Derrick Favors....

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Derrick Favors....

Is he a future star? Or is he a fringe All-Star type in the future? Or is he a good role-player? I would love your thoughts.. Thanks!!

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Future double double star,

Future double double star, his length, size, and athleticism makes him a defensive nightmare. His peak stats will look like 15-18 points, 10-12 rebounds, 1-2 assist, 2-3 blocks, 1-2 steals. If he wasn't a future star than why would the jazz be ready to dump a very good Paul Millsap?

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I concur

I concur, I believe if he can develop a consistent jumpshot he'll make that next step.

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No... a jumpshot is not what

No... a jumpshot is not what is going to needs to make the next step. Leave the shooting to guards and wings. He needs to channel his physical gift to the mold of Dwight Howard. He will get his off second chance points, defense and boards. More then anything he need playing time.. not a jumpshot.

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I'm not a believer. He'll

I'm not a believer. He'll likely be a double double guy eventually when he starts, but I don't see star material in him. He doesn't look like he has the instincts offensively to be a go-to guy or even a 2nd option. It's hard to describe, but his moves just look clunky, like he doesn't have an idea of what he wants to do with the ball when he catches it. As big, strong and athletic as he is, 46% from the floor is inexcusable. It's not like he's asked to create his own opportunities and be in a position to consistently take tough, contested shots. I think his stats and impact will be more similar to a prime Okafor.

Kanter on the other hand does have that look of an eventually go-to guy offensively.

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Thats a fair assessment,

Thats a fair assessment, however I'd like to add that you don't need to be that good to put up near 20 from the center position if you have the opportunity... and hustle. Howard is well below average offensively but he's so big and athletic its hard to stop a guy even when he's so predictable. Favors is listed as 6ft10, 263... at 22 years old (4th year in the league) very long, strong and athletic. Favors fg% has dipped a bit in limited minutes, but that may be a result of taking more difficult shots as he gains more confidence... or him trying to prove he should be starting instead of Jefferson and getting away from what works best. Chandler shoots over 65% FG because he never takes jump shots and gets his points via dunks, lobs or layups. As Siggy mentioned, 46% is unacceptable for a post player. Lastly although Favors FG% is trending lower so far this season his FT% is moving up to the 70% mark (69.2%) which is very encouraging...for a C.

I watched Kanter fumble the ball on entry passes ALOT last year and he often seemed to panic with the ball on putbacks, layups, drives. Everything seemed rushed. I haven't seen him play much this season but in the limited action I've caught he seems to have calmed down signifigantly and plays more relaxed. I've also seen some advanced post moves and great counter moves against aggressive defenders which has been a big surprise to me from season to season. Kanter may very well end up as a viable traditional post option in the future.

In any event, off the top of my head, Utah and Detroit have the most promising future front courts in the league... if they continue to work at their craft they could be challenging the veteran bigs around the league in short order. Its a long way to the top though.

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I'm with siggy

If he's asked to perform in the correct role, almost like that of a Dre Jordan , then I think he can thrive. Obviously if he gets a consistent 17 foot jumper then that would give him a lot more flexibility offensively but now he looks like a 3rd option at best. You gotta be happy with a future 1-2 punch of him and Kanter if you're Utah though

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His per 36 minutes averages

His per 36 minutes averages this season are 14.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, 2.5 blocks.

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And except for the block

And except for the block shots being up a bit, these are the same Per 36 stats for the prior two years as well. He has been remarkably consistent in his production per 36 now for two and half seasons.

But he is still very young in terms of minutes played.

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He looks good when he plays

He looks good when he plays but the time is coming where he needs 30mpg night in night out at least to see if he can be a real star. Regardless of whether he starts or not, he needs more minutes than he currently gets, he will be up for renewal this summer and will surely be tied up ASAP. He still has time on his side as he is only 21 and if you consider where some other bigs were at a similar stage, his development is promising.

He has the upside to get to all star level in the next 5 years and once the minutes open up for him, I can see him going very close.

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My thoughts have not changed

My thoughts have not changed since following him in college. Ceiling 15-18ppg and 8-10 reb, 2-3 blks. He was not the next Dwight or Amare, which quite a few ppl thought.

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