Derrick Favors

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Derrick Favors

How do you think he will do in college and then the NBA?

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i think he could put up

i think he could put up monster numbers, seeing how he will be the go to guy on offense and he should be a beast on the boards as well. i think because of his athleticism and skill set, he will be a good pro player

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He'll be a

BUST! Complete Bust. :) haha just kidding. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the NCAA next year. Probably will be one of those overlooked Fantastic Freshmen that there are every year due to others. BTW Who is Lance Stephenson considering?

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This is just a rumor but I heard lance and 5 star prostpect latavious Williams have contacted one another about both of them going to Florida international. I will try and find a link to support this rumor but I think the way lance plays it is the best decision to go local to a struggling St. Johns team.

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In the NCAA I would bet he gets 20 pts 11rebounds 1 block
I have seen him play on tv some i think he will be great college player but i dont think he will be a Great Pro unless he can shoot as isn't he only six 7ish or 9ish

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More than one block a game. Favors averaged 9 blocks as a junior in High School. I'll say 3-4 in college.

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