dereks mock 3
tell me what you think about my pics

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Come on man, Teague is not

Come on man, Teague is not going 10

Casspi is outta round 1 due to him staying europe

Tyler smith is kinda low..

Check out my mock man....

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there's news that milwaukee is interested in drafting him that high. i doubt minny drafts curry even if he is the top 2 pg in the draft. he's not the playmaker they need. daye is said to have been promised a top 20 selection, casspi's definitely out of the 1st round (i think spurs would try to get him with any of their 3 2nd round picks or portland with their 4 picks in the 2nd round)

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i moved teague up cause i heard the bucks wanted him badly, i had daye lower and than moved him up, but i think his showing at the combine brings him down, and i dont really no about curry, gonna be a mystery where he goes

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