Denver Nuggets

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Denver Nuggets

Just a shout out to the Nuggets!

They had 8 players in double figure scoring in a win against Cleveland tonight...Its hard for me to remember a more balanced scoring team as 9 guys are averaging 7.9 or more points and 6 are averaging double figures for the season...

This team is also legit and very exciting to watch with Gallo, The Manimal, Iggy, Lawson, Brewer, Chandler, and arguably the most interesting player in the league, Javale McGee...

Lawson is really improved, Gallinari is a budding superstar that no one really mentions, Iggy is the ultimate team player, the manimal is a workhorse, Chandler and Brewer can get 20 pts in a hurry off the bench, Miller is a calming/veteran influence, and McGee seemingly dominates the game in the limited minutes he gets (sometimes in a bad, but still demands lots of attention)...

I believe this team can make some noise in the post season and they will be a tough out for anybody...

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#No go-to scorer. It's

#No go-to scorer.
It's actually kind of sad when they have Andre Miller as their closer, seen it happen.

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Actually lately they have had

Actually lately they have had the closer, it has Gallinari. He has had numerous big 4th qtrs for the Nuggets and has really taken it upon himself to be the go-to guy in crunch-time.

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im not surprised at all how

im not surprised at all how good the nuggets have been the beginning.. they didn't have a good record... but I believe in George karl

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Brewer can put 20 off the

Brewer can put 20 off the bench? Really?
He's a good player for the transition offense the Nuggets propose at times, but I don't really think he's a great halfcourt offensive player.

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They aren't going to be a

They aren't going to be a threat in the post-season. They got off to an awful start because they don't travel well. They get home and run teams at altitude who don't want to do that. Teams don't get tired, road weary teams on back-to-backs in the playoffs. If you want to look at an up-and-coming team that is built to win in the playoffs, look at the teams that win on the road. In West, only San Antonio and OKC are really getting it done on the road, and given what both teams have accomplished it isn't like they need to be racking up the wins. They just do it, and it is hard to make me believe that there is another team in the West that break serve in a playoff series with them and hold it when they go home against either San Antonio or OKC unless one of their big name guys get hurt.

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