Denver and it PFs

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Denver and it PFs

What are the Denver Nuggets going to do with there Power Forwards? Is JJ Hickson going to be a back up 5 or what.

Rotation as I see it atm.

1. T.Lawson - A.Miller - N.Robinson
2. R.Foye - E.Fournier -
3. W.Chander - J.Hamilton - Q.Miller - D.Gallinari ( Injured )
4. K.Faried - J.Hickson - D.Arthur - A.Randolph
5. J.McGee - T.Mozgov

That is 4 PFs without Danilo who is a stretch 4 as well.

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Danilo isn't a stretch 4 and

Danilo isn't a stretch 4 and Hickson played center all of last season.

Plus, Denver loves to run and give everyone playing time so it's not their first rodeo.

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Denver USED to do that

That was when they had George Karl whose personal preference was depth, not stars. At one point about 2 years ago he said that on his dream team everyone would average the same ppg. So, the Nuggets organization went after players who fit what Karl was trying to do.

We don't know how Shaw is going to approach his first season as a Head Coach.

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I think they'll still use a

I think they'll still use a similar formula anyway. We look at Golden State, they were a run-n-gun team for so long under Don Nelson that they still play a similar style with Marc Jackson. Only more efficient and with better defense.

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I'm kind of sad for Anthony

I'm kind of sad for Anthony Randolph though, it seems he has worked hard on his game and his attitude and he just isn't getting a chance. I thought he could play some back up C, but he'll be stuck behind McGee, Faried, Hickson, Mozgov and Arthur.

I hope some more trades will happen, maybe the Nuggets trade A.Miller and Randolph for picks or another young player.

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I wish Dallas made a move to

I wish Dallas made a move to get Randolph, they need some frontcourt help and Randolph was actually extremely efficient last year

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Could you imagine if Brandon

Could you imagine if Brandon Wright and Anthony Randolph were both productive players on the same team?

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Denver is going to take a

Denver is going to take a step back this year I fear.

Losing both Iggy and Karl is going to be hard to replace, and all of their signings were just "eh".

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They really need someone to

They really need someone to play the 2. Honestly, they will be on the fence to make the playoffs this year.

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As a Denver Fan, I didn't

As a Denver Fan, I didn't like the Foye pickup, He's not an efficient scorer and that's pretty much all he does. If I put aside the fact that Nate is my favorite player regardless of team, he should've chosen the Wizards, he's a much better bench scoring option for them than the Nuggets who could've used some defense off the bench. But even with Nate he does fit into our offense, and Andre Miller is on the trading block, and he's pretty underrated for a guy who has none of his athletic ability left. I would hope they'd throw in Randolph to spice up a trade with A. Miller and get something nice in return. Either way don't forget the Nugget fan are so used to and so sick of the first round, I'd rather us just start rebuilding instead, but I guess I could live with 2 more years of trying to do a special playoff run because as bad as this team looks defensively (absolutely horrible), with the right coaching and offense, we can run teams out of the building with our scoring for sure.
We'll have Gallo back by New Years at least. Iggy is a huge hit on both sides of the ball though. But Mcgee will finally get a starting role and maybe that'll get him to stay more focused and become something of a 15, 9, and 3 blocks guy.
I'm also a fan of Quincy Miller and his potential, he still showed bits of it in SL, and I hope we can give him a bit more playing time this year.

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Hickson will play Center... he can play both pf and C, but he cant play defense. Randolph might get slightly more burn this year, but I could also see it going the other way... he is on the edge of out of the league right now.. he cant defend and he can't make up for it on the boards or on offense.. there is a 7 point difference between his PER and the average PER of the person guarding him when he is in the game... Say what you will about PER, but thats not good.

Denver is rebuilding, so I would expect more Javale McGee next year... they are playing him an huge amount of $ for someone who is in a three way time share at their position. They need to offload his contract, but no one will even think about it unless he can prove that he can handle starters mins

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