Dennis Schroder

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Dennis Schroder

Hawks assigned Schroder to their D-league team. I wish we would get him some minutes with the big team but I guess playing somewhere is better than sitting on the bench. Good for his development? Thoughts?

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Probably a good move because

Probably a good move because he hasn't been getting enough minutes with Jeff Teague playing at an all star level.

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Schroder was only averaging about 13 minutes with the Hawks so this should help his development. He needs to improve his handle. Plenty of decent guards in the D-League to test him.

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Not that I don't think

Not that I don't think Schroder will grow into a good player, I thought it was ridiculous that some .net users were saying he'd force Teague to the bench or traded.

I think the D League is good for him. He was behind Mack on the depth chart.

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I'm a big believer in

I'm a big believer in Schroeder. I still think we'll look back on the draft and say he was taken too low. I hope this doesn't mess with his confidence because he can be end up being really good.

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I thought Schroeder looks

I thought Schroeder looks like he might be a decent pro. He has good IQ, court awareness and passing. I haven't seen him shoot enough to make a comment on his shooting but he looked pretty decent for a rookie.

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Good move. Get him some run

Good move. Get him some run since he isn't playing much right now.

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I'm still a fan of his

I'm still a fan of his game,he will become a nba starter 1 day..

But Mack beat him out as Teague's backup becuz right now he's a better defender and understands the nba game better than Dennis.....The return of Lou Williams also played a part in his demotion.....

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Unfortunately, this is

Unfortunately, this is probably for the best. Sucks he couldn't have made more of an impact, the guy was one of my favorite prospects coming into the draft..

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