DeMarre Carroll

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DeMarre Carroll

I've been watching this Memphis Missouri game and DeMarre Carroll really has stood out. He has been all over the floor and has shown very good athleticism. He has also shown he is a good passer and a smart player as well. I'm not saying that he is anything that special, but I think he definitely should atleast get a look in the 2nd round. Hell, if I was a team, I would probably take him if he was available early 2nd round. He reminds me of Renaldo Balkman and also Jerome Williams from back in the day. Solid prospect. I think he is very, very underrated. 43rd in the Sr. class rankings? That's awful.

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i am at the game and.....

I have not been on here for awile but I have been watching talent everyday 4 my radio show....but i was at the game and their were many pro scouts their many saw and spoke on his hustle and impact on the game....but his is about 6'7 not 6'8 and cant shoot a free throw or a 15footer....he has a great motor and his hard work is at a level of the best but he could make it in the league.

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He will have a renaldo balkman role in the league...he has energy player/defensive stopper written all over him.

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great comparison

This is a great comparison, although he might be a little better perimeter player. But, right on the money. There's always room for a hard working player like himself in the league. Every team needs one

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He should be a 2nd round pick.

He's good enough to make the league.

Does whatever his team needs and is a good passer.

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I think he should easily make the draft. I mean Mizzou is in the Elite 8 and he is their best player so he should get some more recognition. He is as underrated as Luke Harangody, DeMarre is a kind of player that every team needs, mainly because of his tenacity at the perimiter and that makes me think of him as a more powerful Bruce Bowen and if he can develop his shooting stroke more, he should be one to look out for in the draft even though he is a senior.
I predict that he'll go to a team in the late 1st round or very early 2nd round.

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