DeMarre Carrol

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DeMarre Carrol

DeMarre Carrol is the kind of guy that coaches love. He is the definition of scrapper and his teammates went as far as to call him "junkyard dog." He also has decent ballhandling skills and smooth stroke on his jumper, all complementing his above average athleticism. So, I ask, will he get drafted and if not will he catch on with a team?

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The dude absolutely killed

The dude absolutely killed my memphis tigers so I hate him for it, but if I was a gm I would love to have him on my team.

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Agreed, and I think he's

Agreed, and I think he's more than earned a roster spot with how he played at the PIT, he busted his balls on both ends of the floor on his way to the Portsmouth MVP...I think that will guarantee him a 2nd round spot, I mean who doesn't love a good-sized, raesonably athletic workhouse that will play both ends of the floor with 100% intensity?

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