DeMarcus Cousins

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DeMarcus Cousins

DMC is entering in his third year, and he's on pace to have yet another season shooting below 45% and averaging almost 4 fouls a game. To me, this speaks volume of his inability to control his body on the offensive and defensive end, as well as his lack of explosion and conditioning in the post. Can he mature in his game to the point that these ineffeciencies make him a liability in crunch time? He's got as much size and strength as anyone in the league, and I'm shocked hes not even hit 46% from the field in his career.

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man he is one of my

man he is one of my favourites since his day one in UK..
i love his talent and hope he still will be a franchise corner stone for some team..but so far after such a promising sophmore year he looks average(especially knowing his work in summer with USA team and so on)

i would be OK if he is at least 20/10 at shoots bad, but now..big dissapointment so far, hopefully he will get ALOT better as the season goes on, causes that's what he did both his previous years..

but the talent is here!

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He will suffer the same fate as Evans. Having his growth stunted by a team that takes no direction each season. Cousins struggles to find rhythm because he has to be taken off the court due to bone head decisions on the basketball court in terms of unneccesary fouls. Offensively, he is kind of a black hole right now. He is a big man that likes to operate from the high post, but people have kind of figured that out. Poor coaching continues to make this team worse and worse. I've seen a dozen people with talent come onto this team, and become terrible. Then I've seen them leave the team and become decent contributers else where. (Spencer Hawes, Carl Landry, Kevin Martin, JJ Hickson ect.)

His conditioning has improved as well as his weight. But not much else has been added to his game. The only way I ever see him being effective is him playing effeciently. But you won't see that until the team is actually being coached and not being sweet talked into playing alongside other selfish teammates.

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Check this out...Cousins was

Check this out...Cousins was an issue in high school, in college, and now the NBA. You can't completely blame the Kings. The real issue with the Kings is that they have both Evans and Cousins on the same team. Evans can really drive the lanes....and that's about it! No outside shot, no rebounding, no team "D", no mid-range jumper. Cousins has tons of talent in a little kids brain. At the end of their playing careers, count how many playoffs games they were apart of. I really hope for the best in Evans and Cousins.

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