DeMar DeRozan or James Harden who would you take?

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DeMar DeRozan or James Harden who would you take?

If you needed to draft a shooting guard would you take the team player and pure scorer in Harden or the explosive scorer with a ton of potential in DeRozan?
Personally I would go with DeRozan because of what he showed me in the tournament,he showed he's not just one dimensional and has a potentially great package on offense.
Who would you pick ???

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I think it depends on the

I think it depends on the teams needs. The Wiz at no. 5 should definitely take Harden because they have three scorers already and they want instant help. Harden will give more help immediately as oppose to Derozan. Harden's game IQ is higher even though I still cant get over his disappearance in the tournament. He can afford to disappear in big games playing with Gilbert. Derozan could end up a T-Mac eventually but i can see him making a lot of rookie mistakes his first year. A team would need patience to deal with that. The T-Wolves have time to develop with all their youth so that pick makes sense. I hear that Derozan only wants to work out against Harden so it's obvious what Demar thinks.

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Forgetting Evans...

Not to disagree...

But aside from these two Tyreke Evans is also a great SG, and is probably a better asset to a team right away than DeRozan is... although DeMar will be a NBA great in years to come... he is a freak of an athlete, and will be making highlight plays all through his career...

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I really think that Harden will average around 16-18 points for his career. DeRozan, at his Prime, IF he PANS OUT, will average no better than 22-25. In today's NBA, there are fewer players who stay with the team that drafts them into their prime of 28-32. DeRozan seems to have a lot of holes in his game, much like a smaller young Travis Outlaw. Only this season he he proved to be a solid rotation player. It took him.... like 5 or 6 years. DeRozan might take just as long, or not get there at all if he isn't in the right situation, making him a bust. Harden, regardless of which lottery team drafts him, will be a solid rotation player right away, probably the sixth man on most of these teams. He has always been highly touted since his arrival at Az.St. until he had 2 or 3 bad games. If I do remember correctly, he was considering going into the draft last year and people touted him as a player approximately parallel to O.J. Mayo in terms of overall skill level on the offensive end. I really don't think that getting 6 more points per game over a few seasons if he's still on your team at that time is worth the raised chance of drafting a bust.

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Harden just reminds me so much of Brandon Roy but Demar will be great and he will show flashes of it this coming season.

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id take harden since derozen

id take harden since derozen is more of a if and potenial player

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