DeMar DeRozan... Human Highlight Reel...?

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DeMar DeRozan... Human Highlight Reel...?

Nobody has made this comparison yet, but I feel that he is VERY similar, and probably the next Dominique Wilkins...

Both were/are great athletes, who love to finish at the rim. Also both have very raw style to their games, yet can be productive in games both offensively and defensively...

Many people have been saying DeRozan is the next Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady... But unlike these 2, DeRozan isn't the shooting threat right now in his career, and he has more athletic ability with his power game...

Any thoughts?

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I don't know man, Nique is 6'8"; From what I remember, Nique posted up smaller defenders when he got the chance. DeRozan isn't big enough, unless he can get Maggette-like strength. I like the comparison on how raw they were coming into the league. I doubt that DeRozan will get any scoring titles like Nique nor will he average 8 or 9 boards like him. But, there are some points of comparison. I think DeRozan will be a poor man's version of Nique is a few years. Gret post, BTW. I forgot all about him.

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he doesnt have the power

he doesnt have the power game like nique nor does he just finish on peopel..hes not aggressive enough yet..hes more compareable to gerld green or wallace at this point..his bounce isnt on vince level at all

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