DeMar DeRozan gets $40 million deal

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DeMar DeRozan gets $40 million deal

The Toronto Raptors reached an agreement on a contract extension with forward DeMar DeRozan ahead of Wednesday's midnight deadline, sources told

DeRozan has agreed to the structure of a deal that would pay him $40 million over the next four years, plus incentives. It is expected the contract will be finalized after the Raptors play the Indiana Pacers in their season opener.

A league source told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard that the incentive bonuses could push the overall value of the deal to $46 million.

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he's not worth that

he's not worth that

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I agree but the raps aren't a

I agree but the raps aren't a super desirable place for free agents and the thunder have a good chance of keeping their first round pick. They are gunn a have to overspend. Develop him and hopefully he can be worth that much.

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These deals are getting

These deals are getting ridiculous. Derozen is not even close to being a proven player and he got $10 million a year. but I guess the value of an NBA is hard gauge, some players get disproportionately more than others. eventually these high priced contracts to players who havent proven very much is going to back fire and cause a lockout the next time the collective barginning agreement ends. I dont know why owners keep overpaying players and complaining that players get paid too much

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They will certainly regret

They will certainly regret this signing in the next couple years. No way he would have gotten that kind of money anywhere else, I would have low balled him.

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WTF!!! Colangelo is a tard.

WTF!!! Colangelo is a tard. 4 and 42mil for a C level player? What a joke. Since arriving in Tor its been one bone headed move after another. PHX is almost a lifetime ago. Amir was stunned he got 35mil... said he was hoping for 25. Klieza, Calderon, Bargs, not trading Bosh... drafting a 1st to Chi for James Johnson only to trade Johnson for a 2nd rounder a year and a half later (talk about selling low) and so many more. This is pathetic. Derozan has done nothing to warrant such a contract. The ONLY reason Demar puts up any stats is because he gets playing time. There are probably 50 other SG/SF's I would prefer to have in my starting lineup, and many of them would be had for the midlevel.

Who exactly was Colangelo bidding against? Demar would have been LUCKY to get 5 mil a season in free agency. He's definitly not one of those players GM's are calling up at 12:01am saying "come play with us".

UnFreaking Believeable!!!!!

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Toronto had to do this. You

Toronto had to do this. You have to hope he turns into a player worth that kind of money. Otherwise you won't get talent. Memphis did the same with Rudy Gay. I actually think this could be a steal. You could have a 20+ ppg scorer at 10 per year. It's not a bad deal of he continues to improve. They will have to do the same with Valanciunas.

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Good deal imo

Just based on the amount the other guys got paid. Lawson, Holiday, Curry etc its in line. This is a guy that still has immense potential atleast to the level of a second tier 'star'/ or somebodies Robin. In year 3 Im convinced that'll be a bargain. You look at theteam and theyre actually putting together a respectable and competitive roster.

2014 maybe

Lowry , Ross, DeRozan, ABarg, JonasV. assuming they all develop(big assumption) thats a nice squad in the East. - Landry 6th man of the year lol- you never know. I just think not all is lost up north

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Somewhere, Trevor Ariza is

Somewhere, Trevor Ariza is hiding in a dark room reading RealGM frontpage screaming "It should have been MINEEEEE!!!!" As he reaches for the phone to call his agent David Lee to find out why he didn't that 10Million $ deal everyone was expecting when he became an FA after his last season in LAL.

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Why ????

Could of had Gerald Green for cheaper in offseason.This man hasn't not improved his game at all while in the league.

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As Ballerway says this is the

As Ballerway says this is the ballpark figure for the 2009 draft class outside of Griffin and Harden. When you consider that Chicago gave a deal in the same area to a bench guy then you have to say it is fair value for both sides. The risk is always that he may not be worth it but also he has a 20ppg season and someone with cap space makes an offer of $55 million or so over 4 years which then means the team has to over pay, possibly hit luxury tax levels or risk losing the guy.

With the vast majority of rookie extensions now being 4 years, teams don't have to take such a gamble and don't have so many problems with unmoveable deals.

I've always been a DeRozan fan, so congrats to him on the deal. The Raptors will not major extensions to worry about for a few years apart from Ed Davis so their cap isn't in bad shape and when Davis's new deal kicks in Gray and Kleiza will have expired.

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of you are probably saying this beacuse of the lousy 1st game...a man could have improved big time in offseason,lets see how he plays reast of the season...i think he could average 16+ ppg....then suddenly its not really a bad deal

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He clearly didn't deserve the

He clearly didn't deserve the contract, but he's playing very well this year so far. He's averaging over 20 ppg as well as a career high 5 rpg, a career high in apg, and his field goal percentage has gone up from last year too.

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