Dating MILFs?

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Dating MILFs?

And no, don't think this a thread all about MILFs, where undoubtedly this thread will be filled wit pics of fine ass baby mommas.

All my life I've said if the woman has a child and it ain't mine, I'm staying away. But there is this girl (early 20s like me) who I am seriously re-thinking that...for better or for worse.

No doubt when I first met her I was attracted, but I found out she has a kid so I said yea she's fine but I'm not touching that. Not gonna lie, even at times I'd say I've been somewhat of an &$#%#[email protected]! to keep temptation away. But I mean, I never met another girl or person really who seems to care about me so much. No matter how much I try to keep myself away, she keeps coming to me and cares about everything I say. Even if I'm talking about ball, sports, hiphop, my problems, watever it is...she is genuinely interested in wateva i have to say.

She down to earth as fuk, cool and fun as hell, but theres that baby. IDK if I could handle seeing that kid constantly and thinking some dude already hit up that and she got his kid.

Do u think i need to change my priorities a bit, where by that I mean that I shut out any chick that has a kid that ain't mine? I mean this girl seems to have it all and that the one thing holding me back but IDK if i can get over that.

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Well, son

It's times like this

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it depends on your values and

it depends on your values and principles, and in the end, whether the baby is a big deal, or not. And the decision is not somthing we can decide for you, It has to come from you, and I'm sure whatever decision you make, you'll be happy with it.

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i find that if the girl has a

i find that if the girl has a working reltionaship with the kids father where he watches the kid some times, that it isnt gonna be a big deal. If she doesnt have contact with the father, then that means she has to be around the kid pretty much all the time unless she is a bad mother or something and that means it is gonna be a major hindrance on any one on one time you want. I have dated girls with kids before, and it usually worked out for a while but eventually it ran things into the ground from my perspective as i wasnt ready for a relationship that was 90% about the kids.

However, if you are young then go ahead and jump in and find out these things for yourself. Have fun and if it doesnt work keep it moving.

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Never date em just &$#%#[email protected]! em


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^^^Seriously, how did this

^^^Seriously, how did this get 5 negatives. That shit was funny.

@M-DYMES, I don't think you're messed up for having these views, but I think that you may perhaps need to not push the situation away. Perhaps she has family who can help with the kid, or perhaps you may get to a point where you don't think of another guy, but that you see the kid as your own. Especially if she doesn't have a working relationship with the dad. The kid could very well grow up seeing you as his father. This really isn't a situation where we can give you an answer, just gotta think about how you feel, to quote"The Girl Next Door", Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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Heres a good quote "Any guy

Heres a good quote "Any guy can make a kid, but a Real Man can raise One"

like others have said, this is ultimately how you feel, we can give you what we might do in that situation but everyone is different, Im 18 so i can't really give you any sound advice on this situation, but You just have to do what you feel, and if that means hanging out with her kid, well you can think of him like a lil bro or something haha

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