Darko Milicic

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I'm going to make the

I'm going to make the ringtone on my cell phone the audio from the video where Darko is talking about f*cking the refs' mothers.

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Nbanflguy, I am sobbing with

Nbanflguy, I am sobbing with joy after reading that. I have started memorizing the lyrics already. Will I be singing that in the film, or will it be in the background?

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Little did Larry Brown know.......

darko - revenge will be mine

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Hah- Darko jokes Darko

Hah- Darko jokes

Darko doesn't play for Serbia,Serbia plays for Darko.

Darko came before both the chicken and the egg.

Steroids once tested positive for DARKO.

The number pi(3.14) goes on forever because it is running from Darko.

Chuck Norris' only fear- DARKO MILICIC.

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