Dante Exum

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Dante Exum

I've heard of this kid a little bit before the Nike Hoop Summit. Then when I finally got to watch him a few weeks ago during the summit game and I was amazed with the talent coming from this Australian. He can attack the basket, shoot from the outside. Even though he could play college ball this upcoming season if he wanted to, he plans on moving to the United States after he graduates in November and playing prep school ball before he picks a college. Exum is considering Indiana, Vanderbilt, LSU, SMU and Georgetown. The reason why he is not ranked in the ESPN60 is because he hasn't come to the states yet like how Steven Adams wasn't in the 2012 ESPN100 til he came over. From what I've seen from him so far from his performance in the hoop summit, highlights from him and from looking up his stats in international competition, I can't wait to watch this guy play college ball and he definitely looks like a lottery pick in 2015 from everything I've seen from him so far.

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He is going to go very, very

He is going to go very, very high. I think he is still growing as well, might end up as a beastly 6'7" combo guard.

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