Danny Green

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Danny Green

I like Green, but I haven't heard much about workouts, where he might go, etc. I'm guessing between 31-43 is his window, but that is just a guess. Anyone have any thoughts on him?

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I hear

every one here say he is going to be a solid contributer on a team, but everyone has him mocked 31- 45. I don't now what to think about him. But I agree he will have a long nba career. Not first round potential though, because I think every team now's excatelly what the will get from him DEFENSE!

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Bulls may be interested at

Bulls may be interested at 26 depending on who's left on board and what they do at 16. I like Green. I think he could have a nice NBA areer. I don't expect him to be a star, but could be a decent player.

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Think ...

He is Shane Battier. They will be do the same things (shoot 3's from the corner and defend)

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He does not have Shane

He does not have Shane Battiers size or defensive prowess. On the college level, Battier was one of the best defenders ever.

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Shane Battier was a power forward in college, and transitioned to SF/SG in the NBA. Green could be a lesser Battier, but not the same level. Battier was a lottery pick while Green is a likely 2nd rounder.

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