Dane Miller - Rutgers

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Dane Miller - Rutgers

I think this guy could have a breakout year for Rutgers with Mike Rosario,Greg Echiengue and Ndia'ye leaving. He will need to step up as Rutgers don't have a great team. He is a 6-7 g/f.

He was named to the all Big East Team as a Freshman last year. His season averages were 12 points per game which was second among freshman, 6.3 rebounds per game also second, 3rd in steals with 1 per game, 3rd in assists with 2.6 per game and 3rd in blocks with 1.2 per game.

What do you think of his draft prospects for the future and a potential breakout year.

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I've seen Dane Miller play

I've seen Dane Miller play plenty of times, and he's definitely a prospect to keep an eye on over the next couple of seasons. He won't blow you away with any facet of his game; he's just a good, solid all-around player. While that's definitely an asset at the college level, he should look to expand certain parts of his game to avoid becoming the proverbial "Jack of all trades, master of none." His athleticism is solid, but -- like his skill-set -- it doesn't blow you away. I think there's a 90% chance that he stays all four years, even with the big stats that he'll likely put up for the Scarlet Knights this upcoming season. As a best case scenario, I see him as a mid-to-late first round prospect after his senior year.

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