Damian Lillard

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Damian Lillard

Dude is absolutely touching the Spurs rite now 27 with 10 minutes left in the 4th. Definitely going to be a top 5 PG sooner than later.

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that step-back three on mills

that step-back three on mills was diirrrty

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for sure

A bit less athletic then D rose with a much better stroke... Amazing story of a kid comin out of a small college. Dude sat out a whole college year and learned alot from watchin the game from the sidelines.

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True that. I didn't think

True that. I didn't think Lillard would be good at all in the NBA and all he has done is shatter my expectations. Even the people who believed in Lillard didn't think he would be this awesome.

This man, alongside Russell Wilson, is putting the Pacific Northwest on his back, doe.

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It's funny I got negged to

It's funny I got negged to hell in the summer time for comparing him to DRose, they are not that far apart athletically; yes rose is faster and more explosive but they both had the same 39 inch vertical at the combine, both are 6'3, and both are bery strong for a point guard

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I would say he's more Billups

I would say he's more Billups than Rose.

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thats exactly what kenny said on inside the nba. but ya i agree with you

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He reminds me a lot of Steph

He reminds me a lot of Steph Curry.

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His game, size, reminds me of

His game, size, reminds me of Stephon Marbury with better intangibles.

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He reminds me exactly of Jay

He reminds me exactly of Jay Williams out of Duke. He is the player Jay could have been.

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Why does everyone have to be compared to someone and not just judged off of their own strengths/weaknesses?

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