Dallas Mavs 2013 pick

Im a big dallas fan, but il be the first one to admit we need to tear down the walls and rebuild. Im a believer in that we should clear out the cupboard and start fresh, picks and free agents surrounding Dirk in his final few years, and resigning OJ to be perhaps our future star. But the point of this thread is to ask you guys, in their current position, what should the mavs do with their pick? Presumably it will be in the 11-15 range, and while this draft is weak in terms of franchise level talent, there are a lot of solid nba starters and roleplayers. I personally hope that if Michael Carter Williams falls to us we take him, because he fits with Dirk and OJ quite well, as he is in most peoples opinions the best passer in this years class, and dirk loves playing with passfirst guys, ala Steve Nash and Jason Kidd, but hates playing with drive first pass later guys, ala Devin Harris and Darren Collison. I think MCW would be a good rookie to pick up and ease into the rotation, and maybe get him to contend for a starting gig at some point in the season depending on his transition to the pro game. If he is off the board(or if a clear better player has slid this far) I think Tony Mitchell would be a good player in a mavs uniform. If elton brand is retained, he could learn some valuable lessons not to mention the worlds of help learning from Dirk and helping Tony on his perimeter game. Even at this point, his game compliments Dirk quite well, Tony reminds me a lot of Thad Young, and I think he will play a lot like Thad Young in the league, a tenacious small ball 4 with tremendous athleticism. He can play inside and work off cuts and ball screens to get lose for lobs and work the glass for garbage buckets. He injects some athleticism into a lacking dallas front court, complimenting not only dirk, but Brand and Kaman, if either are retained for next season. While his intensity, consistency and will to be great have been brought into question while at North Texas, I think this could very well be a Andre Drummond-esque situation where the player reins it in when the pay cheques start coming.

In summary, I think either Michael Carter Williams or Tony Mitchell would be ideal and realistic picks for the Mavs in the upcoming draft, as both fit the team, and both could well be available when the Mavs are picking. Who do you guys think the mavs should take, and do you think MCW or Tony are fits for the mavs?

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