D-Will post All-Star break

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D-Will post All-Star break

Deron Williams has stepped his game up post all star break, bringing his shooting percentages up across the board and tonight has scored 23 points in 10 MINUTES of the 1st quarter (7-7 3pointers). What has been the key turnaround for D-Will? What has happened that it has improved his game since his atrocious 1st half of the season?

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Well I had read that he has

Well I had read that he has been dealing with ankle or foot injuries? Not sure if that's right but I would like to think he was like "man i used to be a 20-10 guy. People used to argue me over CP3. This has to stop"

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I'm glad

To at least see some of the old deron back. Hes my fav player and watching him this season has been tough. You can tell he's injured but its more different and little nagging injuries more than anything. I don't think it's just injuries though. I think he is also trying to figure out how to best incorporate his game with joe Johnson and brook Lopez. You can tell he's trying to find the right time for him to score but its difficult. Hopefully when he gets healthier he will figure it out.

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Almost like a different

Almost like a different player.

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Deron got platelet-rich

Deron got platelet-rich plasma injections in his ankles. The pain was so bad that he felt it every step and couldn't even dunk the ball. So the only real difference seems to be that he's close to 100% physically now. Here's an article from a few days ago for the full story:

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