Crazy random fact

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Crazy random fact

So I'm watching the OKC/Denver game, and the commentators brought up this crazy fact:

Andre Miller has changed teams as many times as he has missed games (6 each)

Now THAT'S durability for ya.

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Wow that's incredible

Wow that's incredible considering he's in his 15th season. One of the most underrated players of the last few decades for sure.

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I remember when he showed up in Portland his coach complained that he was slow in practice and just seemed out of shape. Seems like Dre knew what he was doing after all. He's so consistent and really provides a nice change of pace for the Nuggets when he comes in the game for Ty. Arguably the best lob pass in the NBA too

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I wonder if there are enough

I wonder if there are enough leagues in the world for Greg Oden to still achieve that feat.

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Before a game he missed last

Before a game he missed last year(which I believe was a personal/family matter not injury) he had the highest streak ever of like 3-4 seasons without missing a game. I don't remember the exact stats but it's an amazing feat. Just looked him up on Wiki and they say he's only missed 3 games due to actual injury,

I've always loved Andre Miller, as I typically prefer the old school style of point guards. As good as he is, and as long as he's played I'm still surprised he never developed a legit outside shot. If he could have ever done that he would be in the talks as one of the greatest PG's to ever lace them up. Looks like he's currently 10th in assists all time.

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