Corey Fisher

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Corey Fisher

Although he wasnt a starter on a very good 'Nova team this year, he is quite the player. He won Big East sixth man award. He is a speedy point guard who knows how to run a team and score. He can take most anybody to the basket with speed and finish with an array of shots, then he can catch and shoot and shoot of the dribble. Definitely a very talented kid that scouts have to be eyeing by now. thoughts...

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I like him, to me he seems like the kind of player that is just going to get better and better and have a successful NBA career. He is a tough kid from the streets of New York and can take it to the hoop and finish with the best of them. I have a feeling by the time he is done with college he is going to be a mid first round pick and a nice surprise for which ever team takes a chance on him.

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I like this kid's game too. Very fun to watch.

Is he more than a borderline NBA prospect, though? Not especially tall, slight build, and didn't start at Nova this year on account of his defense.

He'll be a great college guard for the next couple of years.

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I would compare him to a

I would compare him to a former Nova player, Kyle Lowry

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crafty player

I don't think he is quite the athlete or scrappy defender as Lowry was for them. His issue will be the all too common small guard who isnt really a point. He can score, but doesnt defend much as of now and doesnt get his teammates involved. He has potential and alot of offensive game, so it all depends on how he progresses but he wouldnt get drafted this year. I dont see him as a first round kind of guy, probably and all four years guy and maybe he can lead villanova on another run when he is a senior with htier great class comming in.

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I cant wait...

I cant wait to see what he does when Scottie leaves. This guy is very talented!

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