Contracts and Lockout Question

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Contracts and Lockout Question

are NBA contracts a series of 1 year contracts for a specific year? By that I mean suppose we get a worst case situation and there is no basketball during the 2011-12 year. If a player signed a 4 year contract before this previous year we would all acknowledge that they played last year so they thus have 3 yearps remaining on the contract. but lets pretend there are no games next year. would that player who signed a 4 year contract last year have 2 or 3 years left under contract? do the players sign a contract for 2010-11 then 2011-12 then 2012-13 and finally 2013-14 whereby the 2011-12 contract would be voided because there was not a 2011-12 basketball season? or would they still have 3 years left on a contract because they did not play 2011-12?

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