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I've seen a lot of people posting information about certain contracts (salary, years remaining, ect.) about players. I was just wondering what a good, reliable place to find such salary cap information for each team is so I can look at teams' future outlooks.


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Go to ESPN.COM and find the

Go to ESPN.COM and find the NBA trade tell you years, incentives and value.

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Cool, man. Thanks.

Cool, man. Thanks.

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no this ones better

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Is to me the best place for outlined salary information, good reference Knicksboy. I think that is the place I go when I want to see if a trade works, as I find the espn thing takes forever. I wanted to post about links that people check out, as I have my sources. is usually interesting, and I check the sight connected to here as well. For statistics, is fantastic, it is usually where I will check facts or look particular things up. has some interesting stats but I think they sometimes get a little out there. Well, those are all I can think of right now and the ones I usually check. Any others people on here think are good or often go to?

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gave you the best one. I was going to say Hoopshype. That's what I use or use to, but I stopped going to Hoopshype when I found out about Hoopsworld.

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like everyone else said and click on salaries. It has a neat chart where you can see everyone's salaries for each year and the total team salary.

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NBA 2K9... LOL...

But Seriously though........

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