Comparison High School Players

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Comparison High School Players

Andrew Wiggins: Scottie Pippen

Jabari Parker: Carmelo Anthony / Grant Hill

Noah Vonleh: Jamal Mashburn / Rich man Wilson Chandler

Julius Randle: Josh Smith / Terrence Jones

Andrew Harrison: Better shooter Tyreke Evans

James Young: Michael Redd

Aaron Gordon: Blake Griffin / Michael Beasley

Aaron Harrison: Jamal Crawford

Kasey Hill: Kyle Lowry / Tim Hardaway

Kuran Iverson: Lamar Odom

Chris Walker: Anthony Randoplh meets LaMarcus Aldridge or Ultra athletic David West

Jermaine Lawrence: Thomas Robinson / Al-Farouq Aminu

Wayne Selden: Rich man Xavier Henry

Jahlil Okafor: Taller Elton Brand

Emmanuel Mudiay: Penny Hardaway

Cliff Alexander: Thomas Robinson

Theo Pinson: Kevin Martin

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This is tough because alot of

This is tough because alot of these guys are still developing their games, and you don't know how they'll translate from high school to NCAA to the NBA, but heres how i feel.

Haven't seen Wiggins/Pippen yet but I don't mind it, though I think his midrange game and overall offensive game is much smoother

Parker/G hill is pretty spot on to me, way more so than the melo comparison's people are throwing out there.

Vonleh/Chandler seems about right from the little bit of gameplay i've seen. If he had a mid range game like Mashburn he'd be up there with Wiggins I don't see it.

Randle is tough to compare he really has a unique game at the high school level with his size n handle. Josh smith is probably as close as you can get.

Harrison/Evans is a popular one because of the size and handle, but Harrison can play a pure point role, and I think will be better than tyreke immediately.

Young/Redd I feel Redd was more of a pure shooter who developed into a go to scorer, but played mostly under the rim. Young is a better athlete, I think hes a mix between Redd and Nick Young (not because they have the same last name...and look like they could be brothers...)

I haven't seen Aaron Gordon show the scoring touch Beasley had(has still kinda), but he def has a game like Blake's in that everything ends up with the yam. Not as big though, will be interesting to see if he's gonna be able to play the 3.

Aaron Harrison/Crawford both are scorers, nobody really has the handle Jamal does but its close enough

Kasey Hill is nasty. he's alot smaller than Lowry, I doubt he eats rebounds like he did at villanova. Hardaway is closer.

Kuran Iverson/Odom I see the similarities, but I haven't seen anything from Iverson that suggests he'll be an All-star/Sixth Man of the year. Obv can't write anyone off, but from what i've seen I don't expect him to be anything in the League

Chris Walker I've always felt is like a young Amare, not quite as athletic, but same play style. If he can shoot anywhere close to Aldridge or West he'll be a problem, wouldn't count on that for a least a few more years tho if ever.

Lawrence looks like someone who's still growing/figuring out their game. ive got nuthin.

Selden is a beast of a combo guard, I don't know about Xavier Henry he was more of a shooter, Seldens a slasher

I think Okafor is a future #1 pick. I like the taller Elton Brand, though I think he lumbers around more because of his size

Mudiay is more of a combo guard than people think. Penny Played the point, avg 21 n 7 second year in. Idk if Mudiay is that guy

Cliff/Robinson I can dig it. relentless, beast. lot of guys that fit that mold.

Pinson/Martin I don't see Pinson as an elite scorer.

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You can't make the comparison

You can't make the comparison Chris Walker to LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. He is a Kenyon Martin and Stromile Swift type of player.

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Andrew Wiggins:He's gonna be

Andrew Wiggins:He's gonna be a stud, super athlete with good midrange game. good intangibles. will develop a killer instinct and lockdown on defense mentality. I truly think sky's the limit

Jabari Parker: His game reminds me of a paul pierce/ carmelo anthony type I think he has a high drive and will continually improve his game

Noah Vonleh: Don't really have to much of a comparison but good size, decent shooter, High iq, not the greatest athlete we'll have to wait and see how he develops

Julius Randle: Zach Randolph, I don't think he has the perimeter skills that you think he does to compare him to josh smith

Andrew Harrison: I think he's very unique due to his size it's hard 2 say

James Young: James Harden/Michael Redd. Only reason i say Harden is I feel in kentucky's system he will also slash heavily rather than spot up jumpers, I feel he will be able to create offense.

Aaron Gordon: Smaller version of Blake Griffin. Great athlete on the short end to play the 4. I would like to see him develop Sf skills. I think kentucky is the best place for him. Washington will be average. Arizona has a log jam in frontcourt. Kentucky he will be used and developed greatly.

Aaron Harrison: I Can't call can't wait to see what he does in the league what is his ceiling

Kasey Hill: he has that Ty Lawson type fast break flash excitement. good athlete. good leader. seems like he could develop into something special sky's the limit

Kuran Iverson: Lamar Odom I agree

Chris Walker: Idk why im not sold on this kid, he's in my state but let's see what he does

Jermaine Lawrence: Al Far.

Wayne Selden: Dynamic athlete can be alot of things either shannon brown or a stud.

Jahlil Okafor: I get the size and the average skill set but my god the big man position has fallen off heavy for him to be the #1 recruit in his class not talking shit just not too impressed

Emmanuel Mudiay: Penny Hardaway

Cliff Alexander: Tyrus Thomas Type Player imo

Theo Pinson: Hard To Say

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