Common Vs Drake

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Common Vs Drake

So this 2 been going at each other lately, who do you think well come out on top???

Common (G.O.O.D Music) has the old school real rap feel to there music.

Kanye West: The most creative rapper in the game

John Legend: Has the best pure voice

Big Sean: One of the worse rappers i ever heard

Pusha T: Could bring old school back on top

Kid Cudi: King of great rap melodys

Drake (Young Money) has the new school sound which is popular right now

Lil Wayne: King of mixtapes and King of metaphors

Nicki Minaj: Weird style but best female rapper ever

T-Pain: Master of Auto Tune and can always make hits

Tyga:New up and coming rap talent

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Common wins anyone whos

Common wins anyone whos biggest street cred is getting shot on a high school soap opera deserves to get dissed at every second of his so called rap career.

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Who goes harder than drake?

Who goes harder than drake?

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Hahaha the pic didn't pop up on my computer for a few seconds and I just saw the text, I was about to go off...

That picture of Drake is priceless. He is showing his true colors.

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Ill take Lil Kim over Nicki

Ill take Lil Kim over Nicki Minaj. Her verse on Biggie was hard as &$#%#&@!.

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wtf u talkin bout... big sean

wtf u talkin bout... big sean goes hard.

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