Colton Iverson

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Colton Iverson

He clearly doesn't have a very high ceiling, but for a guy who may go in the late 2nd round, I think he has some value. A full 7 feet in shoes, he's big strong, a good rebounder, solid around the basket, and a above average defender. He isn't very athletic and is old for a prospect, but I think he can be a 5th big and cheap, who can contribute right away.

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With so many centers in this

With so many centers in this draft, I can see a bunch of those guys going early, and then a lot of centers going at the back end of the second round for contending teams who need a backup center.

I can see Iverson getting a look at 58 with the Spurs pick or at 60 by the Grizzlies. Mike Muscala is a similar type prospect. Kenny Kadji and Dewayne Dedman should also be on teams' radar. Of the teams left in the playoffs they could all use a decent 7 footer off the bench.

This could also affect Ryan Kelly as teams might be looking at getting a stretch four with a lot of height. Put him next to an athletic shot blocker and he could give you a good front line attack off the bench.

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He was a good player for

He was a good player for Colorado State, but I don't think he's athletic enough to play in the NBA. He was a good rebounder and had a good post game, but he can't finish over length and will not be able to defend the pick and roll.

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