College players staying three years

If the New CBA of the NBA calls for players coming out of high school to stay three years at college, or even a two year rule, and let the high school seniors that want to enter the draft enter, do you think it would help both the NCCA and NBA.
My opinion is that it will help both and make both a better product. Some major factors are that it would expose those players would are ranked high on the recruiting list for the players they are, it would eliminate that awful word potential except for hs seniors coming to the draft, and it would help college programs build with talented players and having talented players for more than one year.
What do you think?

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im not sure about it

As a senior from college going to the nba will give a player advantage over other rookies, however, you are still a rookie in the nba. If you go to the draft after a year in college or highschool you will have this early experience in the league. I think most of the MVP candidates and top superstars right now came out of highschool and one and done players.

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thanks for the topic

thanks for the topic

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Oh, and Andre will only

Oh, and Andre will only improve as the season continues, hes taking a while to come along, but he is still one of the premier prospects of the last decade....and Oriahki and the others will do well soon as well...UConn is a very serious contender

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