College Conference All Star Playoff Games?

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College Conference All Star Playoff Games?

Let me start off by saying that I am a Big Ten guy. Grew up in Indiana and now living up in Minnesota with family in Illinois. But I was thinking, what if they had an College College All Star Game based on the conferences. Example would be Big Ten All Stars vs Big 12 All Stars winner plays Pac 10 vs ACC winner. While the Big East battles the SEC and so on. Even though I'm a big Big Ten fan, I can't see any conference that could take that fictional crown away from the Big East with this starting lineup. C Hasheem Thabeet, PF DeJuan Blair, SF Earl Clark, SG Paul Harris and PG Jonny Flynn. Off the bench you got AJ Price, Harangody, Levance Fields, Jerel McNeal, Yancy Gates, Greg Monroe, McAlarney, Scottie Reynolds, and Devin Ebanks. And I know I'm missing a few stars in there. Challange to you guys/gals on here is to put a team together that you think can give the Big East a run for it and argue why you think your conference would win. Thanks and have fun. PS convince me that the Big Ten has a shot. lol

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