College Basketball...

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College Basketball...

Another wild day in college basketball...

Cal beats Oregon
Oklahoma St beats a Kansas team that's a contender
Pittsburgh beats Syracuse!!!
Miami is for real! edged NC St

Northern Iowa beats Wichita St
Air Force beats SD St
That can't help those mid majors...

The main event Michigan @ Indiana in a couple hours...

You just never know what will happen this year in college basketball...

Any thoughts? Impressed with any players?
Marcus Smart I felt was pretty great today...

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I know gamblers might of lost

I know gamblers might of lost some of their money today.

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I was impressed with: Marcus

I was impressed with:

Marcus Smart....OK State

Tyler Lewis NC State

Nerlens Noel UK(Watching him now)

BJ Young Arkansas(Came off the bench)

Quinn Cook Duke

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For what it's worth, Syracuse

For what it's worth, Syracuse was considered the underdogs against Pittsburgh. Pitt was favored by 3 or 4 points.

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