Cody Zeller

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Cody Zeller

I just do not think Cody Zeller will contribute in the nba. He is too weak to have an impact; in college, he would constantly get bullied in the post and lose position on the rebounding front. I'm sorry but as a Knicks fan who wants a big, I would not take Zeller even if he falls to us at 24. I would much rather have Gorgui Dieng or Kelly Olynyk.

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Got it, Zeller is too weak,

Got it, Zeller is too weak, so take Olynyk. Yeesh.

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Combine reps

Zeller 17 (second best overall), Olynyk 5.

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He's not going to be in the

He's not going to be in the post. He's going to be a face up 4.

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I hope he falls to my Mavs, I

I hope he falls to my Mavs, I think some tutoring from Dirk would do wonders for him.

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Players get bigger. Zeller

Players get bigger. Zeller isn't going to be a bruiser but he is going to compete and score and help a team win.

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Cody is my number 2 on my big board behind Mclemore. Him getting past Washington is stupid to me. He has one game against a good frontline that confused alot of teams with that 2-3 and all of a sudden he is a completely different guy. I like him a great deal. Great size for a 4, even with dissapointing wingspan. Plenty of athleticism and alot of the game to match. I see a lot of Gasol in him, as well as the Lamarcus Aldridge comp.

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il admit, i dont really like

il admit, i dont really like zeller at all but i mean i feel as though he could contribute to a team. I would say a lock for the lottery, never know tho

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Minnesota game based? Mbawke

Minnesota game based? Mbawke is probably the strongest guy in this draft class. Yes, he is short, but it's not like he got out muscled by a guy who isn't stronger than many NBA players. Hell, Trevor is as strong as Blake Griffin was when he hit the league, and sometimes running into a bulldozer with a much lower center of gravity is really freaking tough for taller guys. He'll have to deal with it some in the NBA, but his role will be much different than playing the C like he did in college.

Zeller is a strong athletic guy with the tools to play a stretch 4 in the league.

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Not only is Mbakwe a bruiser, but he is also pretty darn aggressive. He overwhelmed more than one opposing player.

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Mbakwe is one of the most

Mbakwe is one of the most underrated players in this draft. Athletic, long wingspan, strong, good body control, good rebounded, good defensive instincts, and an underrated mid range jumper. I think he will carve out an NBA role as a Udonis Haslem type player. Not much potential left in his game but guys like that are irreplaceable. I see him getting one of the first nongauranteed contracts and may go as early as OKCs third pick.

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