Coach Maurice Cheeks

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Coach Maurice Cheeks

As some of you may have heard, Mo Cheeks has become the frontrunner for the Pistons head coaching job. My question is aimed primarily at Blazer/Sixer fans,, but what kind of coach is he? Im a Pistons fan and, sorry to say, I havent heard much about his coaching style. Just wondering what your thoughts were. Thanks.

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I'm an OKC fan. He's been

I'm an OKC fan. He's been great here. He's definitely a players coach but he has been instrumental in keeping Russell Westbrook (largely) at bay.

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Maurice Cheeks was less than

Maurice Cheeks was less than impressive as the 76ers coach. His teams were known for their extremely slow starts to the season although they often turned it around later to finish about .500 and getting the 7 or 8 seed. One other thing I recall is that Cheeks gave into Igoudala's whining. The 76ers started the season with Thaddeus Young at the sf and Iggy at the SG. Iggy whined he was a sf not a SG until they benched Thad and put Igoudala at sf.

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He seems like a very nice guy

He seems like a very nice guy but he also seems soft. I can see him giving into to his players demands and not taking a stand, something you definitely don't want as a coach. As a lifelong Pistons fan I want to see them get a coach that has the attention of his players and can get into the ear of the officials because as we all know a team without a superstar needs to be able to get into the officals ear when they start giving the stars all the calls. Would love to see one of the Van Gundy's in Detroit but I doubt they'd be interested. They should definitely overpay to get one of them in!

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I've heard pretty unfavorable

I've heard pretty unfavorable opinions on his coaching, at least from some of the NBA world on Twitter. I like Stan Van Gundy but like Mookie said, it's doubtful he's interested.

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we need to overpay SVG... im

we need to overpay SVG... im tired of us hiring these coaches for 2 yrs then firing them... not sure why we fired frank in the first place... the pistons started to tank the season after the all star break... its not like our roster was equipped to even make a playoff push but I still think it was unfair to let go frank... hes was that guy that was for sure gnna get into andre drummonds ear... and if I hear about cheeks is true of him giving in and being soft.. hes gnna end up being another flip saunders... so in conclusion... overpay van gundy and fire dumars lol

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