Closer anyone?

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Closer anyone?

Officially "The Closer"! It doesn't get any better than this. I realize stats say otherwise, but he is the BEST player in the world. He didn't even attempt a free throw til the 3rd quarter, unlike that other guy that people mistakingly call the best. Anyways, just wanted to see the groups collective opinion. Is Kobe "The Closer"?

Thanks for the input.

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give the magic some time.

give the magic some time. its game 1 and kobe not shooting free throws will be a good thing in many other games. tonight he unstoppable but its usually better for the lakers when he doesnt shoot that much. if magic were shooting better this would be a good game but its their first nba finals give them a chance for game 2

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I was telling everyone that the Magic were a lesser challenge then either Houston or Denver. The Lakers only playd 2 good quarters tonight, and it was blow out city. All the people who predicted the magic now look dumb. The Lakers got everything they wanted all night long, it was just matter of executing.

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