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.first of all we all know its just summer with that out of the way

eric gordan looked very good..did the things a sg was suppossed to do..wasnt too impressed since i already knew he could do what he did
was pretty impressed with d.jordans energy..developed a lil jump hook and drop step..still has a ways to go but he is rounding into a good player it seems so far(even though its only day one)
a.morrison once again scored again within the offense with out having to shoot awhole lot to get his points which is a positive
blake word..beast..for thoses who said he had no handles should have watched the game..he did turn it over about 5 times because he overdibbled or made a bad pass..but he dominated..finished with 27-12..i pretty much expected i would liek to see what he does the next game playing against better big men since the lakers bigs werent that good...(still not taking away from his great performance though)

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