Clippers = ridiculously athletic

do u realize how athletic the griffin pick makes the clippers.

mike taylor, eric gordon, deandre jordan, Al Thornton, Blake Griffin, fred jones, baron davis.

wow. can u imagine the dunk competitions in practice? Also, can a team have 2 participants in the dunk contest bcuz taylor and griffin seem like likely candidates.

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they will be athletic but

they will be athletic

but will still suck

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yeah, they're really athletic and talented. even their little guys can jump. i don't think griffin would compete in the dunk contest, maybe if lebron would, then i think he proly would. i hope they find a way to mesh all those talent though. they're the most disappointing team so far. they're good on paper, "but games aren't played on paper" (quoting the guys from fifa..hehe). one of their centers needs to go.

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Clips furture looks good

If they can somehow unload Randolph this team would be a lot better off for the future as well as free up more minutes for Griffin who is NBA ready. I think a Camby, Griffin frontline will be a solid one, interesting to see if Jordan develops. Gordon is player i like, Thorton needs to up his FG% but I dont think he's a bad SF, I dont know whats up with Baron he was waaaay sicker with the Warriors, Kamen is the key.

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The years has come...

1. fire Dunleavy
2. fire all the trainners cuz they have not helped players' injuries
3. trade either Randolph or Camby
4. get rid of Ricky Davis
5. develop Eric Gordon into the best pure scorer in the league
6. take the offensive burden off on Al Thorton to improve his fg%
7. give more playing time to Taylor and less to Collins
8. start every game with Griffin as PF
9. make the Lakers jealous of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. relax and waiting to make the playoffs


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