Clippers offseason moves

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Clippers offseason moves

Enough with the bad history of losing we get it.
Time to change all that since they won't fire the GM and coach.
This team can't be so bad if they drafted Gordon, Thornton, Kaman and didn't bite on signing Brand to a huge contract but they signed Davis which was terrible.

I have some proposed trades 1st get rid of Baron Davis he's old he gets hurt all the time.
Trade Baron Davis for Jamal Crawford and a future pick or another guy to make the deal work.
Crawford can play the SG and PG when needed, he's not great on D but he can score on anyone and he's not a selfish guy he gets his teammates the ball. 2nd I'd love to move Camby but that won't get you a decent PG. Might have to trade Kaman for Hinrich & the Bulls 1st round pick probly can get the 16th. Either way you get a defense pg who gets to start and show what he can do. Now you have a starting lineup of Hinrich, Crawford, Thornton, Griffin, Camby and on the bench you have Eric Gordon as your 6th man also Collins, Taylor, Jordan, Randolph, Novak & maybe B.J. Mullens.
Now you got a young team with plenty of cap room in 2011. All those starters can play and with the 2 extra picks you can draft a Center. By 2011 the team gets better you can sign some guys esp. if Jordan, Thornton, Mullens don't work out. At least your can build your team around Hinrich, Griffin.

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